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What is the best way to build muscle? | Tips |


Best way to build muscle:- Well, let’s begin wth muscle damage. Who hasn’t heard the story that during exercising, your muscle gets weakened, and your body produces a little more muscle to replace the damaged tissue? Or, in terms of science:

If the damage is recognized by the body, neutrophils migrate to the microtrauma region, and the damaged fibers that attract macrophages and lymphocytes are published. Macrophages remove cellular debris to help preserve the ultrastructure of the fiber and generate cytokines that activate myoblasts, macrophages and lymphocytes. This is believed to result in the release of various growth factors that control the proliferation and differentiation of satellite cells.– Schoenfeld 2010.

So a few clever bros read something like this and created the story which you have heard countless times.

While this is right, the studies cited have never shown a net hypertrophic response (muscle growth) of the subjects. And why does your body do that? Damage to the muscle is just that-harm. Have you ever stopped thinking why this doesn’t work with daily cuts? If you cut your muscle, why don’t you make it bigger? If you’ve done a decent job, you’ve been on something.

All previous research, which supported muscle damage as a hypertrophy cause, did not account for total weekly volume and did not show any correlation. Note the overall amount of job. I’m going to discuss it later.

What is the best way to build muscle? | Tips |

Given all the facts, we may conclude that muscle damage not only has nothing to do with muscle development but is harmful to it! It increases the healing time and causes the body to rebuild weakened tissue instead of creating new muscles.

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Metabolic stress

Why do people think that? Easy. Easy. You can feel the pump, and having the nutrients to your muscles sounds pretty convincing. Unfortunately, this is incorrect.

Strike one

First of all, we know that cardio induces metabolic stress. We also know that combining cardio with resistance training is very dangerous to hypertrophy and strength.

Strike two

What is the best way to build muscle? | Tips |

We know that resting less creates more metabolic stress. However, the 2014 Henselmans & Schoenfeld meta-analysis found no difference in hypertrophy between those who stayed longer and those who remained shorter when total work was equaled. But overall work isn’t always the same, as when you rest shorter, because of exhaustion, you do fewer reps. And that’s what Schoenfeld looked at in 2016, and showed hypertrophy in favor of a longer resting group.

Strike three

We know that more reps (8–15) vs. fewer reps (1–5) cause more metabolic stress. But any study that equaled the total amount of work showed no difference between the high rep and low rep groups And Schoenfeld, Contreras & Peterson 2015 showed no difference between 8–12 and 25–35!!) (reps when it comes to hypertrophy, marginally higher strength gains in the 8–12 category and slightly higher endurance gain. Yet muscle growth: the same thing.

And last but not least, failure preparation is ideal for metabolic stress and hypertrophy. Right? There is also a study called “Physical Training with Repetitions to Failure Does Not Provide Enhanced Physical and Muscle Hypertrophy Benefits in Young People. showed the same muscle development in both groups: 1 in failure and 1 in failure. Have shown that early training leads to more fatigue, resulting in less peak volume and less hypertrophy. Hit four of them.

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What is the best way to build muscle? | Tips |

What is this? Yeah, it’s just stress on the muscles by contraction or stretching. The greater the stretch / contraction-the the greater the stress. Mechanical stress has been shown to contribute to hypertrophy. As stress occurs through contraction and/or stretching, a signal is transmitted to your body to start the process of muscle growth (to put it very simply). This makes sense because unlike injury, your body will want to respond to stress. Not a single quality study challenged mechanical stress as a significant hypertrophy cause.

best way to build muscle

best way to build muscle

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