1. Diet. Out calories versus calories:

The best way of gaining muscle:- Keep track of your macros, and set the right meal plan for your food preferences. No point in following a meal plan unless you like what you are eating. A person should normally eat 50 percent carbs, 25-35 percent proteins, 25-35 percent fats. You can adjust this range to suit your needs, but if you are aiming for a high protein diet, you must keep in mind that proteins and carbs only give 4kcal / g while fats provide 9kcal / g, So the portion sizes need to be adjusted accordingly. Typically, a high protein diet would flip the percentages for carbs and proteins around so you would eat between 50-70 percent proteins anywhere while dividing the rest between the other two macros. Give yourself one cheat day per week (or if you want to be really strict one cheat meal) where you can indulge in sweets and foods that you normally can’t eat.

2. Train for a purpose:

Every workout has a different purpose. If you’re looking to get fit overall, focus on integrating runs, swims, or other forms of cardio into your workout regime. Sign up for a race to motivate yourself, and time for progress to be tracked. If you’re looking to get stronger and look bigger, keep track of your workouts, weights/reps per set. Taking pictures of your progress may also help keep you motivated. Although you can’t see results every day, you will hopefully see a difference with your photograph a few weeks later. Be aware that you can keep your cardio to a minimum, perhaps once a week if you want to be of size.

What is the best way of gaining muscle | Tips

3. Don’t go cheating on your workouts:

Often I see people doing their whole set of half-reps while compromising the form. I can’t underscore enough the importance of form! Injuries most often occur due to incorrect form and posture of the lifting. Check your pace, and do not use your momentum to power through sets. You’ll find it much more difficult to do those negative workouts with the same weights than to do them quickly. Aim at touching the bar to the chest when doing any presses. Start with dumbbell presses until you gain the ability to do so if you do not have the flexibility for this.

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4. Don’t use small excuses to save time in the gym:

You shouldn’t say something when you’re serious about getting fit, tired after work. Keep motivated by music, videos, athletes, articles, etc. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.

What is the best way of gaining muscle | Tips

5. Know the limitations of your body:

Don’t just go to the gym for an hour when you think you can do more. Learn how to push your body rather than to keep it low. If you have the stamina to perform a complete exercise, do it. Alternatively, separate the muscle groups for a couple of days (such as one day back / biceps, next to chest/abs, next leg/tris, etc.). Try to avoid disregarding any muscle group. As it’s said … “Don’t skip leg day!” As necessary, include rest days.

6. Consider bringing in supplements:

Often unjustified prejudices are caused against additives. Here I don’t speak steroids. In building muscle, wheat protein and casein protein are critical. Due to its rapid digestion of casein protein, whey protein can avoid muscle atrophy during restful periods. For my long workout sessions, I found pre-workout supplements like Assault and Pre‐Jym. These additionals include caffeine, creatine, beta-alanine, acetyl l-carnitine, citrate malate … Increased athletic performance among other amino acids and ingredients. In particular, caffeine helps if you want to hit the gym after work. Before going to any supplementary program, be sure to do your research.

7. Training with a partner. Partner training:

The work out with someone else has many advantages. You can remain motivated and also spot each other for the exercises you plan to do. You would also need a partner to measure your progress during those days. Personal training services may also be paid for.

What is the best way of gaining muscle | Tips

8. Choose an interesting workout regime for you:

You’ll quickly get bored with it and ditch your goals if you find exercise is a tedious activity. Then consider calisthenics, plyometrics, yoga, etc. when you find weightlifting luminous. Muscles can be gained in many ways, as long as you don’t cheat yourself.

9. Maintain focus:

Take care not to watch TV or talk to other gym people during your practice. Minimize the rest period between training sessions. Listening to music doubles in order to maintain a high degree of energy and also tells others not to bother yourself. Naturally, always there are those who come anyway.

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gaining muscle

gaining muscle